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Surgical instruments made by Avellanus demonstrate superior certified high-class workmanship, yet supplied at reasonable prices and terms. We are an ambitious and independent distribution company based in Tuttlingen, we combine the expertise and know-how of 300 years of tradition and development with medical engineering.

Our long established experience in the international business arena results in products of highest quality. And provides you with the confidence you expect from a medical supplier. What once started in Tuttlingen as an ember has developed into a blazing conflagration.

Today about 400 companies of all kinds dedicate themselves to medical technology in the “city of healing knives”. Amongst them many of the most prestigious brands in the industry.

Thanks to our excellent business relationships, grown over many years, we are able to offer a brilliant selection of products. Our extensive catalog comprises more than 15.000 different instruments.

Avellanus Products:
Cardiovascular Klemmen
Cardiovascular Forceps
Clamps Cardiovasculares