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Biocomposites develops, manufactures and markets synthetic calcium composite devices for tissue regeneration. Leading edge, proprietary technologies are bioengineered to mimic in-vivo the composite structure of human bone.

Biocomposites technologies, developed over more than a decade of research, have been designed by a team of bioceramic and medical polymer specialists with a combined experience of more than fifty years. Bilok® composite, represents the biomedical fields’ first synthetic calcium based technology in sports medicine to receive CE Mark and market clearance by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration.

Next generation biomaterials such as geneX® and Biosteon® represent a major breakthrough in the treatment of bone disorders and soft tissue injuries, through our developments in the control of surface chemistry to direct cell activity. Biocomposites absorbable devices are used globally by surgeons and clinicians to regenerate bone in fractures, the spine and in cases involving bone loss due to trauma, disease or surgery. Our on-going research and development programmes are co-ordinated with universities and hospitals internationally to engineer new synthetic, absorbable scaffolds for the regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue.

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