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Hydroxyapatite is the most proven and widely accepted synthetic graft material for bone reconstruction.


A focussed research programme has developed Allogran-R, a highly consistent, polycrystalline and porous ß tri-calcium phosphate bone substitute.


Is a new concept in synthetic, fully resorbable bone graft, conferred with a property unique to bone void fillers, Zeta Potential Control (ZPC™).


Synthetic ceramic based on calcium phosphate, designed to fill bone defects. MagiGraft® BCP acts a natural bone.


Implant grade calcium sulphate is a synthetic biocompatible bone graft material that completely resorbed, to be replaced by new bone.


It is designed to provide an advanced radiology reading environment for your radiologists.


Is an easy and powerful 2D and 3D display and analysis tools for evaluation of any modality exams for any body part.


Is a web-based Radiology Information System that is comprehensive, customizable and secure.

Navigation Station

The navigator establishes a spatial connection between the instruments and the diagnostic images.


Is a line of instruments designed for hip surgeries such as retractors, patient positioners, curettes, osteotomes and other useful tools.


Is a line of instruments designed for knee surgeries such as retractors, spreaders, extractors, graspers and other useful tools.


Is a line of instruments designed for revision surgeries for grafting, coring, extraction and other useful tools.

Shoulder & Elbow

Is a line of instruments designed for shoulder and elbow surgeries such as retractors, extractors, elevators, revision and other useful tools.

Small Bones

Is a line of instruments designed for hand, wrist, foot and ankle surgeries such as clamps, retractors, exposure and other useful tools.


Is a line of instruments designed for spine surgeries such as retractors, holders, compressors, distractors and other useful tools.

Apogee® Cup

Apogee® Cup is a first line anti-luxation dual mobility Acetabulum. The cup receives a polyethylene bipolar spherical insert supplied by a retention system

Apogee® Cup | Dual Mobility

The design of the dual mobility is based on proven principles for the treatment of femoral neck fractures.

C6BD® Cemented Rin Acetabular Cup

Collects and gathers the technical evolutions having sufficient perspective in cemented cups for hip replacement since1960.

Multi® Acetabular Cup

The primary and immediate stability is caused by the pressure adjustment effect because of it’s equatorial slots.

Filler - 3ND® / Fortress - ND®

Femoral Stems are available with and without hydroxyapatite coating.Its concept collects and combines the technical developments which have sufficient hindsight in the hip arthroplasty for more than 30 years.

TTHR Review Stems

The TTHR is a modular reconstruction stem designed for hip replacement prostheses.
The stems have six different diameters between 10 and 20 mm at 2 mm intervals.


Is a leader in orthopedics and spine – providing the finest quality in German craftsmanship.
It is our mission to meet the continuing demands of our customers.


We are constantly striving for creative options and solutions by expanding design/product capabilities at lower “cost”.
SPINE INNOVATIONS, SOLUTIONS, TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGES: High end and high tech German arthroscopy and retractors.

Cardio Instruments

Surgical instruments made by Avellanus demonstrate superior certified high-class workmanship, yet supplied at reasonable prices and terms.

Model-F: Designed for Hand & Wrist Surgery

It is an easy-to-use and cost-effective tourniquet perfectly suited for surgeries on the hand or wrist.



The Graftologer™ consists of an instrument set for harvesting middle third patellar tendon (BTB) grafts with cylindrical bone blocks and harvesting cylindrical bone blocks when creating the tibial tunnel for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Lily Medical Instruments

Our general line of surgical instruments feature impeccable quality and functionality. Made from the finest German stainless steel to obtain optimum corrosion resistance, resilience and strength.

Fat Grafting & Liposuction Cannulas

LILY Medical Lipo-aspiration line offers extensive precision and personalization. Conforming to the highest standards of reliability, consistency of pattern and lasting value.