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MagiGraft® Bone Graft is intended to be used as a bone void filler, being applied to repair bone fractures or bone defects which are complex and fail to heal properly.

MagiGraft® BCP induces the regeneration and growth of bones:
- Stimulates the proliferation and the differentiation of the osteoblasts.
• Composition:
- 75% hydroxyapatite
- 25% Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP)
• Porosity higly intertwined with an excellent mechanic resistance.
MagiGraft® BCP is replaced by new bone – the resortion has a place in two phases because of it’s composition .

Excellent Flexibility. Perfect Osteointegration and Osteoconduction. Exceptional Bioactivity. MagiGraft® BCP acts a natural bone.

MagiGraft® BCP Brochures


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